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Georgia Car Insurance Laws


There have been a number of recent years where the number of traffic deaths in Georgia has dropped. In 2019, the 1,504 traffic deaths in the state was a drop of 2.3% from the 1,540 traffic deaths in the year 2017. Overall, this is more traffic deaths than 2011 one there were 1,226 deaths in the state. To continue decreasing the number of traffic deaths in Georgia and other states around the country, states issue laws that need to be followed. There are speed limit laws, traffic violation laws, and other types of regulations that are also on the books. One important requirement for both financial protection and medical expense protection comes in the form of auto insurance laws in the state of Georgia.

Car insurance laws are designed to help people financially if an accident occurs. In the state of Georgia, liability insurance is required. This protects drivers by covering some or all of the costs of bodily injury expenses, expenses related to death, and property damage expenses if they are found to be at fault in an accident. While not every driver carries insurance, these drivers who do not can find themselves facing harsh fines, fees, and penalties. Also, they will be held liable for damages and expenses stemming from accidents they are deemed to be at fault for. These expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars overall.


Georgia Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Mandated in Georgia are two types of liability insurance coverage. The first is bodily injury insurance. The minimum limits, which means the minimum amounts of insurance drivers are required to hold in the state are $25,000 bodily injury insurance per person and $50,000 bodily injury insurance per accident. Another type of insurance is also required, called property damage liability coverage. This type of insurance is required in the amounts of $25,000 for property damage per accident.

If you are financing or leasing your vehicle, additional physical damage insurance could be required. Often, the terms of your contract will require collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. These protect you regarding damage to your vehicle and help pay for the cost of damages in specific situations. Collision insurance helps cover costs related to car crashes, and comprehensive insurance covers damages due to natural perils, theft, and violence.


Georgia Car Insurance Laws

While many states are no-fault states, Georgia is a comparative fault state. The fault for an accident is assigned proportionally in relation to the amount of fault assigned by the investigation. What this means is that separate drivers can share fault and receive awards based on the percentage of fault they are deemed to have had. Drivers who are found at least 50% at fault for an accident in the state are not able to recover compensation nor damages.


Georgia Penalties For Driving Without Car Insurance

Like most states, there are fines and fees directed towards noninsured drivers in the state. Operating a motor vehicle with no valid insurance plan in Georgia is considered a misdemeanor. It can result in the following penalties. Violators can receive up to one year in jail. In addition, a $25 fine will be issued, and if it is not paid within 30 days, will increase in cost to $160. Beyond this, a license suspension for between 60 and 90 days can be issued. Lastly, depending on the circumstances, a person’s vehicle can be impounded. There are also reinstatement fees for driving privileges. Another fee is issued for allowing your insurance plan to lapse. An accident that results in serious injury or death could lead to felony charges as well, and this can lead to more fines and additional jail time.


Georgia DUI/DWI Laws And Penalties

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense and one that comes with even harsher penalties. For a first offense, a convicted driver could see possible jail time of up to one year. Fines between $300 and $1,000 will be issued, and a driver’s license will be suspended for up to one year. Outside of this, minimum mandatory community service of 40 hours will be given. Also, a $210 license reinstatement fee will be applied. Subsequent offenses will see larger penalties if they are within five years of the first offense. For a second offense, a person will receive a mandatory 48 hours in jail, with that length of time possibly rising between 90 days and one year. Fines between $600 and $1,000 are given and license suspension for three years occurs. There is also a mandatory requirement to do 30 days of community service and a $210 reinstatement fee. Outside of this, a mandatory clinical evaluation will be mandated. Depending on the results, completion of a substance abuse treatment program at the offender’s expense may be assigned. Penalties increase for subsequent offenses within five years of the last.


Georgia Cell Phone Driving Laws And Texting While Driving Laws

In Georgia, drivers who are using a mobile device for both texting or calling while driving is prohibited. Contact the DMV in the state if you have questions about this law and specific applications. Drivers can receive a ticket for violating this driving law.


Georgia SR-22 Insurance Documents

SR-22 documents are required in the state of Georgia for people have received specific violations. In the state, they assist drivers who are reinstating their suspended licenses. Drivers who have to file an SR-22 are considered high-risk drivers. Those who have serious traffic violations, or have been convicted of a DUI, will find that an SR-22 is required by the state. This document verifies a person’s financial responsibility when it comes to insurance, but it is not an insurance policy itself. Your insurance provider can file an SR-22 with the state electronically.


Final Notes

Drivers are always wondering how to find cheap car insurance in the state of Georgia. If you need a policy in Georgia, regardless of whether you are a high-risk driver or not, comparison-shopping is the best strategy. You can also consider discounts as a way of saving money, so make sure to check with the various companies to make sure you are getting all of the discounts you are qualifying for. On this website, you can use the free quote tools to find the best rates for car insurance in Georgia available. Enter your ZIP Code to get started with the free quote process today. The entire process can take less than five minutes.


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