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How SR-22 Insurance in Georgia Works and What it Costs


When a person finds out that they need SR -2 insurance, they often do not realize that it is a type of financial responsibility form that they need. Rather than a type of insurance policy, an SR-22 is an insurance form that shows authorities in the state of Georgia, and in other states as well, that a person driving a vehicle is financially responsible for carrying continuous auto insurance. It proves that they are responsible for carrying at least the minimum amount of coverage, which is often liability insurance coverage, in the state. Some states do require additional types of car insurance by law, like uninsured motorist coverage or Personal Injury Protection.

What Is An SR-22 In Georgia? 

SR-22 insurance in the state of Georgia is sometimes required for drivers who meet certain conditions. They are required to be filed in some cases with the DMV in Georgia, allowing the state to be confident that a driver is covered and can drive both safely and legally on the road. Both the auto insurance provider and the driver are responsible for filing the form with the state.

Drivers who are considered high risk need to file an SR-22 form if asked. This can include drivers who have been in multiple accidents, received a citation for a serious accident, are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, or received multiple moving violations. These car insurance forms are required for people who have been convicted of a DUI or DWI or have had their driver’s license suspended for driving without insurance. There are numerous reasons a person may be required to carry SR-22 insurance.

People often ask if there is more than one type of SR-22 form in the state of Georgia. There are two basic types of Georgia SR-22 auto insurance forms, which are called certificates. The owner of the vehicle needs this certificate to show that the financial responsibility they have for the vehicle is continuous. There is also an owner-operator certificate that covers a driver and all of the vehicles they drive.

How To Get SR-22 Insurance In Georgia 

Georgia is strict about auto insurance laws, and people driving without insurance or who have had other serious violations are likely to need to file a Georgia SR-22 certification. Contact your car insurance company, and make sure that you have the proper insurance required to file. Once you do, the Department of Driver Services will be able to assist you. You will need to request your insurance provider to file the form. Also, there is often a processing fee associated with filing the paperwork. In many cases, this is included with a person’s premium. Finding the lowest cost insurance that allows you to file for the SR-22 can be done at GA Insurance.

Cost Of SR-22 Insurance In Georgia 

Many variables affect auto insurance, so even if you have to get an SR-22 insurance form filed, the amount a person will have to pay can vary from one person to the next. That said, people who have to file SR-22 insurance are high-risk drivers. They cannot always get an insurance plan from all auto insurance companies. Due to this, it is essential to compare rates on car insurance from multiple companies. GA Insurance has the tools you need to get the best prices for auto coverage.

In some cases, a person can only get insurance from companies that specifically cater to high-risk drivers. Get free quotes from multiple auto insurance providers here at GA Insurance today.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance 

Saving money on car insurance can come in multiple forms. Comparison-shopping for the best rates at GA Insurance can keep more money in your bank account, but looking into the various discounts you can qualify for is also essential. GA Insurance can assist with this as well. Many significant discounts are available, including multicar discounts, multiplan discounts, and more. Another way that people who are high-risk drivers can work towards saving money on their automobile insurance plan is by focusing on driving safely. Improving your driving record is one of the best ways to save money as a high-risk driver.

Some people choose to move from full coverage to the minimum limits required to decrease their premiums as well. Make sure that the deductibles you choose are affordable in case you get into an accident, however. Having financial protection through insurance is not only required by law; it is a smart decision. Find the top rates for car insurance available here at GA Insurance now.

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