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There are many miles to travel and fantastic places to explore in Georgia and around the country. Getting around is most often done by car in the state of Georgia, which requires auto insurance if you want to drive legally. There are many penalties and expenses that can come from driving without insurance in Georgia, so getting a policy is your best bet. Each state has different laws regarding how auto insurance works, with different minimum limits and types of automobile insurance required. Collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, lease gap insurance, and other types of coverage are also available, though they are optional. Get the best information on car insurance in Georgia here, and use the tools on this website to find the best prices for auto insurance available in the state.

How To Find Cheap Car Insurance In Georgia

There are many ways to save money on automobile insurance in Georgia, though the best way to save money on car insurance is to comparison shop. The tools here at GA Insurance give you access to free quotes from the top car insurance companies in the state. Comparing pricing at multiple companies is a smart idea, as each company uses different formulas when determining the premium prices a person will pay.

Prices for auto insurance in Georgia are determined using numerous factors. Insurance companies use the information they have to find how much risk each person has statistically, which are then used to determine car insurance prices for people looking to purchase. These variables and factors can include the location you live, your driving record, credit score, age, gender, and many more.

Each car insurance company also offers discounts. These can include multi-car policies, good driver discounts, discounts for bundling your policy, good student discounts, and numerous others. The tools here give you free quotes for the best car insurance providers in Georgia, and discounts you can get are part of your quote.

Best Car Insurance Companies In Georgia

Seeking out quotes from auto insurance providers that are known to be cheaper on average in the state is essential, and people should also look at the customer service ratings, financial strength, and types of policies offered when determining which company to select. The cheapest car insurance companies in the state of Georgia are Auto-Owners, The Hartford, USAA, and Central Mutual. Other companies can also be competitive, with some of them providing different features as well. Companies like Nationwide offer excellent online services that their customers appreciate, as an example. Allstate is also known as a popular company in the state.

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Georgia Car Insurance Laws

Like all other states, there are laws when it comes to providing proof of financial responsibility in Georgia. The state has minimum requirements for car insurance, but there are also laws regarding the penalties a person could run into if they fail to have valid auto insurance coverage and are driving. The penalties for driving without insurance in Georgia can be harsh. A first offense will see a person get a lapse fee of $25, as well as a $60 reinstatement fee. Also, a person’s driver’s license and registration can be suspended for up to 60 days, and they could be given up to one year in jail, depending on the circumstances. 

A second offense involves the same fees, but a longer driver’s license and registration suspension could be given. If a person has three or more offenses, the reinstatement fee goes up to $160, and the person’s driver’s license and registration could be suspended for up to six months. Each of these penalties could see jail time of up to a year, depending on the situation.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements In Georgia

Georgia has minimum requirements for automobile insurance, which is the minimum amount of car insurance a person must have to drive legally in the state. Liability insurance, which will pay for other people’s property damage and injuries if you are responsible for an accident, is required. The minimum amounts required by law are $25,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person, $50,000 bodily injury liability coverage per crash, and $25,000 property damage liability coverage per crash. 

Many people choose to get larger amounts than this minimum, due to accidents having the potential to cost more when they happen. As a driver, you will be responsible for paying for damages you cause in an accident above your coverage amounts. Your automobile insurance coverage will only pay up to the amount of coverage you have purchased. Make sure that you are purchasing a policy that is right for you, including additional coverages that can help you save tens of thousands of dollars. At GA Insurance, you can get the top rates available for car insurance in the state of Georgia quickly and easily. Find insurance savings fast and save more today.

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